Platform zoning pilot scheme

Providing more information about our trains to make boarding easier

As part of our station improvement program, we’re trialling platform zoning at some of our stations. Once complete, customers will have more information about their train and be able to choose which carriage best suits their needs – before the train arrives at the station.

The trail will see signage and painted markings on station platforms which show zones. These zones will enable customers to easily identify where certain trains / carriages will stop. As well as platform markings the customer information screens will be upgraded to automatically show which platform zone corresponds with the facilities available on the train


When finished, our customers will have the information they need to choose which zone best suits their journey. First class, accessible, the least busy and many more travel options will be indicated through zones on the platform in conjunction with the display screens.

Platform zoning can also help to reduce delays by encouraging customers to use the full length of platform, meaning loading is spread across the whole train and boarding takes place more efficiently. This also has the added benefit of less crowding on board.

Trial stations

Initially, five stations (Sway, Haslemere, Brockenhurst, Hilsea and Clapham Junction's platform 9)  will have platform markings and upgrades to the customer information system. Whilst the work takes place, there may be some disruption at the station and we apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Next steps

Once the success of the trail has been analysed and customer feedback taken on board, we can look to extend the project to more stations on our network.