Implementing the ISO20400 standard

Procuring goods and services sustainably

As one the largest networks in the country, we have the responsibility to ensure we have effective and sustainable procurement practises in place. To do this we consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts when purchasing, supplying, or manufacturing goods and services. We ensure that we are getting lasting value for money, avoiding or reducing environmental damage and delivering social and economic benefits to local communities.

Food waste recycling graphic

We work hard to deliver improvements for our customers and the communities we serve and here you will see some of the case studies we are most proud of. They demonstrate how we embed social and environmental sustainability into our supply chain to improve our impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

You can also found out more about our wider work in this space on our social value page.

Winning the war on waste

Find out how we're collaborating with SWRnewstar to manage our waste sustainably

Download (PDF, 435KB)

Bringing sustainability to life for our colleagues

Find out how we are delivering bespoke training for our colleagues through our partnership with Watts Sustainability

Download (PDF, 370KB)

Empowering everyone to reach their potential

Find out how we are investing in our people through our community apprenticeship schemes

Download (PDF, 185KB)

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