SWR brand campaign Go Ape, Windsor Castle and London Eye

Fun things to do at home with the kids

Days out may be off the cards, but that doesn’t mean that great days are too. Keep the little ones entertained with our kids’ pack - filled with games and activities to help keep them occupied.

Download the pack (PDF)

Why not try our station word search?

Can you find all 20 South Western Railway stations?


Fancy a brain-teaser?

Try and find the answer to these cryptic clues. Hint – they are all stations that SWR or it’s predecessor, serve or pass through.

  1. No slow coach from this station
  2. Hand a drink the right way to a Seventies pop group
  3. Beat up an overacting bore
  4. A hairstyle fit for a squaw
  5. Retailer’s Model T
  6. No Newcastle maternity unit for this baby
  7. Paradise reborn
  8. Does the lazy ocean hug the shore here?
  9. Viva!
  10. The outcome for a chain smoking bride
  11. Is this where the sun dies
  12. No room for the dead here
  13. Many fishes do this
  14. Where evil little Lizzie went to church
  15. A beast with a heavy burden

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