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Travelling in a group of 3-9 people? Then GroupSave tickets could be for you

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GroupSave ticket

GroupSave train tickets could save you up to 34% off adult tickets when 3 to 9 people are travelling together in Standard Class. We’ll automatically apply the GroupSave discount when you buy your train tickets online and on the SWR app.

Travelling in a group of 10+ people

If 10 or more of you are travelling together you can save with a Group Travel ticket for off-peak journeys.

GroupSave discount for families

If you’re travelling with children (aged 5-15), it may be cheaper to buy an adult GroupSave ticket for the whole group. To do this enter the number of children travelling as adults into the ticket request. If there are 3-9 adults in the group, it could be cheaper to buy GroupSave train tickets for the adults and add additional children paying the normal child fare.

If you travel regularly with the kids, then a Family and Friends Railcard is another great way to save with 1/3 off adult fares, and 60% off child fares.

You can't use a Family & Friends Railcard with the GroupSave discount, so check to see which will be better value before you buy. As GroupSave train tickets aren't available nationally, a Family and Friends Railcard could be a great way to save on other group travel journeys.

Save more money with SWR Rewards

You can enjoy SWR Rewards every time you book direct with us. There are a range of discounts and offers available on hotels, restaurants, sights and attractions, theatre tickets and lots more.

What is the GroupSave discount?

The GroupSave train ticket discount is up to 34% off off-peak journeys.

Not all train companies offer GroupSave discounts, so check to see which companies offer GroupSave discounts and if it will apply for your whole journey.

Which ticket types is GroupSave applied to?

The GroupSave discount is applicable on the following SWR ticket types:

Can I get GroupSave with First Class train tickets?

No, the GroupSave discount is for Standard Class only and not available on First Class train tickets.

Do I need a Railcard for GroupSave?

No, you do not need a Railcard or discount card as GroupSave is automatically applied when you enter between 3-9 people online or on the app.

No further discounts are available for children or Railcard holders.

Can I buy GroupSave at the station?

Yes, you can buy train tickets with the GroupSave discount at ticket offices and ticket machines.

Can I buy GroupSave tickets on the train?

GroupSave train tickets should be purchased from our website, app or at the station before boarding the train.

With GroupSave tickets can some of the group travel on different trains?

Unfortunately no, the group must travel together at all times. With GroupSave you must all travel together on the same train – otherwise you may be asked to pay the full fare for the journey or be liable for a Penalty Fare. If your group needs to split up at any time then you should buy separate GroupSave tickets for each smaller group (3-9 people).

When travelling with a GroupSave ticket, make sure you're all close together throughout your journey so that our staff can check your ticket as a group.

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