Now's the time to switch to our Touch Smartcard

What is a smartcard?

Smartcards are plastic cards that hold your ticket details electronically. The cards are much more hard-wearing than paper tickets and you can use them over and over again, which reduces any harm to the environment.

How does a smartcard work?

A smartcard has a chip inside that can store multiple train tickets.

You can buy tickets for your smartcard on our website or mobile app and collect them on smartcard readers at stations.

If you’re on an Android device with NFC or iPhone with iOS 13 or later, you can buy tickets from our app and add tickets straight from your smart device onto your SWR Touch Smartcard.

How can I get a smartcard?


Getting a free Touch Smartcard is really easy. All you need to do is:

  • Create an SWR account or if you have one already, go to our smartcard login
  • Apply for a smartcard under ‘Manage your smartcards’
  • Fill out our application form
  • Choose if you want to buy a ticket for your card
  • Submit your order

You’ll receive your new Touch Smartcard in five working days.

Get a smartcard

If you've got a month or longer left on your season ticket, read our frequently asked question to help make the swap.

Our stations

You can get a smartcard immediately from a number of SWR stations or your local ticket office can order a smartcard if they’re not available.

Just search for your station and go to the “Buying and collecting train tickets” section to see if you can pick up or order a smartcard, as well as the tickets you can buy.

What are the advantages of having a smartcard?

Don’t worry if your smartcard gets lost or stolen. We can replace it free of charge and any tickets held on it, just visit one of our ticket offices t arrange this. A smartcard can be replaced immediately at 80 South Western Railway stations. Please click here to see the smartcard issuing stations on the South Western Railway network.

If you have an online account, you can view your ticket and journey history, check your Tap2Go balance and request refunds on tickets you no longer need.

Using a contactless smartcard

Read our tips on how to buy train tickets and travel with your smartcard

View our user guide

Smartcard help

If you’re having problems with your smartcard, read our FAQs or get in touch

Get smartcard help

Exclusive tickets on our smartcard

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8 days of travel in 28 days – any time between two stations

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Monthly auto-renewal

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Tap2Go pay as you go travel

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