Additional compensation for Season tickets purchased to start before 4th September 2017

Compensation if you have been delayed

All South Western Railway customers should apply for any compensation for delayed journeys using the Delay Repay form.

Customers who have a valid season ticket that was purchased before 4th September 2017 may also be entitled to further compensation under the passenger charter scheme applicable when the ticket was purchased.

See how we performed and view our latest report here.

Season Ticket Discounts 

If, on average, over the last 12 months,

  • our punctuality has been more than 2.5% below our Passenger's Charter standard, 
  • or our reliability has been more than 1% (or 0.75% for Island Line Trains) below our Passenger's Charter standard, 

then we’ll give you a 5% discount on the price of your Season Ticket renewal.

If we fail to achieve our Passenger's Charter standards for both reliability and punctuality, we’ll give you a 10% discount.

Your renewal Season ticket must be for the same journey and the same period or shorter. We won’t give you these discounts if your Season ticket renewal is for travel on an alternative route, a longer distance or a longer ticket validity, or you are changing from Standard to First Class.


We’re sorry, we won’t compensate you if:
  • You bought a Travelcard (either a ‘paper’ ticket or Oyster card) from somewhere other than South Western Railway. But we will consider your claim if you have proof that you use our trains for all, or part, of your journey – such as a home or work address close to a station we serve, and details of the journey you make
  • If your journey involves travel on another train company’s trains – you’ll only be able to claim compensation from one train company per Season ticket
  • If your Season ticket expired more than 28 days ago

Void Periods

These relate to a refund awarded to a specific date where severe disruption has affected a specific group. 

The number of Void Periods for the last 12 months is available on our Performance poster.  These relate to instances prior to 04th Sept 2018.   

Please note that delays to journeys after the 4th September are compensated under the Delay Repay scheme and not as void period refunds.

See our passenger charter for further details on void days and the service groups to which they apply.  

For each half-day Void Period, a refund is based on the value of the delayed journey. As season tickets are valid for a period of time to calculate the value of each single void period we divide the cost of your season ticket as follows:

  • An annual season is divided by 520
  • A six monthly season is divided by 264
  • A quarterly season is divided by 132
  • A monthly season is divided by 44

How to claim

Passenger's Charter compensation:
  • You’ll receive your discount when you renew your Season ticket. You must do this within 28 days of its expiry. Your new Season ticket must be for the same journey and for the same or shorter period of time.
Void Period refunds: 
  • If you bought your ticket at one of our stations or ticket machines, you can claim any void period refunds applicable to your journey at the ticket office. 
  • If you bought your ticket over the phone, including Business Travel, or on a Smartcard from our website, you can claim your refund at a South Western Railway ticket office or by writing to our Customer Service Centre – please enclose your expired tickets or your Smartcard number,
  • If you bought your ticket elsewhere please apply in writing to our Customer Service Centre and enclose your expired tickets.