Important update regarding refunds letter


2 June 2020

Dear SWR customer

Important update regarding refunds

To everyone who has requested a refund from SWR, thank you for your patience – and to those of you still waiting for your refund, I am very sorry.

We recognise that you have been waiting some time, and that receiving this money is really important – particularly, during these challenging times. 

I write to let you know that we anticipate we will process all outstanding refund requests by mid to late June.

If you are a Smartcard holder, please visit to find out when you might be able to expect your refund.

In ten weeks, we have processed the same number of refund requests that we would normally process in a year. We have received around 34,000 requests in total, and we have processed around 26,000 of them. This means, more than 75 per cent of requests have been processed, with around 8,000 currently outstanding.

Every single refund request is different – different dates, different destinations, different amounts, different personal details – so, processing them does take time. We have been processing them in order of date of application, with different teams working on different ticket types.

  • Smartcard refund requests – processed up to 11 April application date
  • Car park refund requests – processed up to 6 May application date
  • Paper ticket refund requests – processed up to 18 May application date
  • Website ticket refund requests – all processed

Please note that once your refund has been processed, it often takes three to five days for your bank to process our transaction.

Of the 8,000 refund requests currently outstanding, we have over 1,600 for which we have reached out to customers for more information e.g. credit card details. I encourage these customers to respond to us, so we can move forward with processing their refunds.

Again, if you are still waiting for your refund, I am very sorry. We are doing everything we can to process the outstanding requests as quickly as possible, and thank you for bearing with us, while we work to ensure that you receive the refund you are due.

Yours sincerely

Alan Penlington
Customer Experience Director
South Western Railway